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1 Year in Business. Musings from the Director and Founder Lisa Sweeting

Today marks one whole year since I set up Green Sense Events. So today I am reflecting on the past year and the ups and downs of running your own business.

I have mixed emotions today... which has been the theme across the last year. There have been tears, feelings of fear, delight, excitement, and relief. I've dealt with imposter syndrome and still do, probably always will, not feeling good enough, overwhelmed and guilty of the pressure I've put on myself and my family, financially and emotionally.

Yet today I also feel thankful, because I've made it a year, and actually when I look back whilst I havent changed the world quite yet or made my millions I have achieved quite a bit.

  • I've learnt how vital social media is - especially in a pandemic, I've also learnt how to use it fairly effectively, and grown my connections.

  • I've been on countless talks about Sustainability both in the UK and America. (virtually of course!!)

  • I've got to grips with the virtual event world, and been part of some great events. including the delivery of a virtual sustainability workshop for a client based all over Europe!

  • I've designed a website, and then had it re-designed !

  • I've taught myself how to use a payroll system and do my own accounts

  • I've written blogs

  • I've developed a newsletter

  • I've worked with another sustainability consultancy

  • I've worked as a zoom technical support for an event

  • I've worked on a business show

  • I've recorded an educational module on Sustainability

  • I've delivered workshops

  • I've talked on Clubhouse, Instagram, Facebook Live and LinkedIn

  • I've taken over a Facebook Group 'Event Profs For Change'

  • I've interviewed lots of great guest speakers

  • I've set up a Youtube Channel

  • Recorded 2x radio interviews

  • I've written articles for M&IT magazine

  • I've been featured on a podcast

Best of all though, I've made lots of connections and some great friendships. Running a business is hard work, it can feel like a constant uphill struggle, and it can be lonely at times especially during the last year we've had. but its also very rewarding and empowering, I know I've inspired other event professionals through my work and that makes me feel very proud.

So.. Today I am going to be homeschooling my little girl and teaching myself how to use a new sustainability framework, but mostly I am going to eat cake, drink coffee, reflect and be thankful. Things are looking up for the events industry and there's lots more to come. Happy Birthday Green Sense Events!


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