Event Management 

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Event Management 

Organising an event can be stressful, and time consuming. You may have a brief idea of what you require but need to develop that into an event brief, you may have a full brief and need someone to pick it up and run with it. We can support you in whatever capacity you require. With over 15 years experience we have planned and managed a wide range of events; Corporate celebrations and award ceremonies, team building and conferences,  weddings and private parties through to mass participation fundraising events for over 7000 people. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, so you don't have to choose between a sustainable event and the event you really want the two should go hand in hand, we will work closely with you to ensure your event needs are met whilst ensuring the right choices are made. 

Venue finding and Suppliers

We actively seek out venues and suppliers that are taking positive steps to becoming more sustainable. There is a fantastic wealth of forward thinking suppliers out there from printing companies, and digital experts through to professional caterers who use only locally sourced fresh food. We can also work with a venue of your choosing indoors or outdoors, conference centre, hotel or green field, the choice is yours. 


You may already hold an annual event, which has worked well for a number of years, but would like some advise on how to make some changes and unsure where to start. We can work with you as a consultant to make some small changes that will have a huge impact not only on the environment but on your event and business as a whole. A good place to start is devising a waste management plan, work with your chosen venue, and suppliers to ensure that you have a plan in place to deal with the waste at the end of your event. Ideally you would look for items/ materials at the design stage, that you can use at future events which is better not only for the environment but also your finances. If this is not possible try to implement a waste partner so that you can dispose of items properly utilising recycling stations and sending any excess boxed food items to good causes in the area. 


Here at Green Sense we have welcomed the rise of the Digital Event. Whilst people will always crave human and face to face interaction, there is a huge benefit to doing things digitally. It means less travel - car journeys,  public transport and especially flights all contribute to our carbon emissions, so whilst a digital meeting does have some impact it is much less than travel, and yet the reach can be far greater in terms of your delegates.


We can design the event experience to suit you and your delegates, from a simple conversation to an interactive conference with entertainment, interesting key note speakers and many of the things you would expect from an in-person event. 

Designing a Safe Event. 

There have been huge concerns since the introduction of mandatory face masks and bottles of hand sanitiser that will see society taking a step backwards in our fight against waste. A Safe event shouldn't mean single-use. Branded reusable masks, the use of apps for registration and agendas to reduce our touch points at an event, and carefully managed catering are all things we can incorporate to ensure you event is safe AND sustainable. 

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...'Lisa was always happy and smiley and very helpful. She is a very professional lady with great enthusiasm and energy which is good to be around as whilst the events are energetic they can also be very emotional. Its a skill to be able to handle both emotions at the same time. If I were to do more events I woudl be very happy to have Lisa in Charge.'..... (Paulina Gillespie; Former Host, Heart Breakfast Show, Bristol & South West)

...'Lisa is a pleasure to work with and has an unflappable personality which puts everyone at ease. I am sure she will be an asset to any future teams looking for an event manager.'....(Alison Birkett, Senior Press Officer, Cancer Research UK)